Top 5 Celebrities Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR

Top 5 Celebrities Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR: In the glamor and fashion world, there is a soldier in the war to win the hearts of every celebrity. They eventually want to attract the attention of the public so that they can do this. What do they think when deciding to wear this type of costume that can publicly disclose their personal parts? Bra for many people are nonsensical, and The following ten celebrities have all been photographed on countless occasions without being worn. These are some of the most awkward scenes of celebrities that appear in some underwear and reveal almost intimate body parts. The camera person got its real essence have a look!

Celebrities who don’t wear underwear – List of Top 5

 2.Kim Kardashian


Kim is known for his great assets, he is a famous American model and TV personality. It has been said that the woman rarely wears underwear. Their most famous boots with km never leave the chance to publicize their viewpoint without panties that it is formal or some informal phenomenon.This picture became viral on the internet in a few days. Perhaps it was a type of promotion that he wanted to create around the world.

2.Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s hottest female singers, who do not hesitate to appear in the camera wearing without underwear. I personally think that Jenny hates to wear a bra. It is not public once or twice, she is seen standing nipples, but sometimes it can be a style statement such as Victoria’s Secret, her new style bras Wanted to spread the word with standing nipples. In 2998, she was declared ‘Best Women’s Year’ by the Details Magazine.



Rehana is one of the famous singers and songwriters, she is amazing on stage when she sings, the whole world is entertained but before wearing the apparel she should think twice. She is the only one who loves her body and she is very admirant about her, her sharp and provocative style has changed the head of many people, including countless designers, who are ready to prepare this bright diva. Will kill.

4.Miranda Kerr


She is a very famous model from Australia. Miranda is very attractive and has a well-maintained personality very clearly and clearly, Miranda Kerr has not seen wearing any underwear. Her organization is attractive and she has appeared in many people. Whether it is some red carpet event or a few night’s meal at friends’ house, Miranda is refusing to put on comfort and panties. There is no doubt that he was looking very beautiful, no bra clothes were shown on it. In the black colored gown on the edge, she did not even wear a panty.

5.Miley Cyrus 

Miley-Cyrus -without-underwear

Miley Cyrus is also among the artists who are quite confident to be seen without wearing underwear. She was a pretty little girl when she used to work for Disney, later in life, due to fame, Miley Cyrus has also appeared many times without putting on a panty. She is always unpredictable for her fans and knows how to draw attention of the media and prepare a major and prominent way to gossip and highlight the news. Miley Cyrus knows this technique in major news on social media.

Top 5Celebrities Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR

2. Kim Kardashian
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Rihanna
4. Miranda Kerr
5. Miley Cyrus

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