Top 5 Best Cancer Hospital in delhi

The cancer treatment process is actually done in special hospitals and patients who are passing through them require a special care and also medication. Lakhs are diagnosed with cancer every day in India and around the world, but the actual cancer After the commencement of the journey, there are more than 200 types of cancer in the world. Some people with cancer will treat only one, but most people have a combination of treatments, such as surgery with chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy. You may also have immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy. Some of the top 5 best cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi mediate to end the treatment of cancer treatment, start by evaluating treatment and rehabilitation and are supported with the top medical talents of the country.

Top 5 Best Cancer Hospital in delhi

2. AIIMS Delhi


Very Popular and famous for treating cancer, AIIMS is actually one of the best and best hospitals in India. The Surgical Oncology Department at AIIMS provides outpatient and intra-patient services for screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. His cancer department offers minor and major operation theater services including endoscopy for various types of cancers. Every year average 3,500 to 4000 minor and major surgical procedures are done. The Department provides advanced training for surgical post graduates in the field of surgical oncology.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital delhi 


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC) is a special cancer center in Delhi and is one of the 5 best cancer hospitals in India. You are coming here for treatment of patients and in fact, ending cancer with some special treatment procedures. It has a team of highly qualified and experienced oncology team who investigates patients’ treatment. They also have a research wing to look after cancer, who are treating the cause, symptoms and finally treating this disease. The hospital was started in 2996 and so far more than 2 lakhs have been treated. Located in Rohini Sector 5, Delhi, the hospital offers tertiary cancer treatment in surgical management of radiation oncology, medical management and tumor.

3. Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre


Dharamshala Hospital and Research Center (DHRC) is considered as Delhi’s best cancer hospital. Dharamshala Hospital and Research Center (DHRC) has collaborated with Narayana Health and the new name of our hospital is Dharmashala Narayan Superspeciality Hospital. It is a 350-bed hospital offering chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer surgery and rehabilitation all under one roof. Many trained medical professionals provide preventive, clinical, clinical and rehabilitation services for their needy patients. They also provide full-time doctoral courses in the ATP Basic Diploma in DNB Medical Oncology, DNB Surgical Oncology and Oncology Nursing.

4. Apollo Cancer Institute


Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Dedicated Cancer Wing is a highly susceptible cancer care center, which is the latest cutting-edge technology and highly talented cancer care specialist. These basic amenities and support services include cytology, hematology, clinical genetics pathology, floxatametry, hyperbaric oxygen unit, histopathology. Some of the radiology services, including PET-CT, Cath Lab, Physiotherapy, Blood Bank and many others. It is one of the top cancer treatment centers in the country and uses robotic surgical techniques with surgery for surgery with great precision and with minimal invasion.

5. Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital  (I.R.C.H.)


This special center really started with very limited infrastructure in the year 2983-84, but in 2003 it was actually converted into a great 7-floor building with amazing and improved facilities. It is a highly qualified team working with the most advanced technology for treatment. In this cancer hospital, radio therapy, intensity collective radio therapy and advanced mammography are used. It was actually one of the first hospitals to present the hematopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant program.

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