Top 05 Best Shopping Places In Dubai Are Calling You

Hello friends, welcome me to a blog again. Friends, today I’m going to tell you about the information that is everyone’s choice. For this you have to make a shopping mood for all of you. When a person listens to a shopping word, he gets very excited (especially girls). Dubai is the preferred destination for all those who are interested in shopping. There are very good designer clothes, quality gold and silver jabaret, and many more things. There are plenty of malls and shops in Dubai, where everyone can shop. Various amenities like children’s entertainment, food and play space are also provided here, and it is only a matter of time during the summer. Friends, today I will tell about the Famous 5 places of Dubai in this article. So let’s know.

2. Wafi Mall

The Wafi Mall is located on Oud Medha Road. This mall was opened in 2002. Located in Dubai, this mall is known as Pyramid shaped structure, collection of artifacts and the Egyptian region. This mall has about 350 stores of clothing, crafts and decor items. There are shops of many sellers selling Arabian goods. Lights and music will be very good in this mall which will give you great pleasure.

2. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is located near Burj Khalifa. This mall is known as the world’s largest mall on the Financial Center Road. This Mall is one of Dubai’s best shopping malls, with over 2200 luxury and premium brand stores, Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice Rink, Reel Cinemas, Theme Park, Dubai Fountain and many restaurants, which are very much Gives a good feeling. Here’s chocolate and candy fame for lover joints.

3. Mall of the Emirates

This mall is Famous as the world’s first shopping resort. Emirates’s Mall offers a very good experience with 475 premium stores with fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics, home decor, children’s magic planets and multiplex cinemas. From where you can buy a whole lot. Apart from this, you can enjoy indoor skiing in the snow.

4. Meena Bazaar

If you are bored by shopping in India and want to go to another place for shopping, then go to Meena Market Dubai. This is a local market in Dubai which offers a wide range of different types of jewelery, watches, clothes, furniture, accessories and spices from India. Sells the goods. Meena Bazar is located in Dubai, surrounded by al-Bastakia area. There are many restaurants here that will delight you with many delicious Indian food. From here you can buy designer clothes, watches, bags etc. You will also find quality diamonds and gold jewelry in the Mina market.

 5. Ibn Battuta Mall

It is the world’s largest themed mall, situated on Sheikh Zayed Road and is named after him in honor of Arab explorer Ibn Battutu. Mall is one of the largest malls in Dubai. This mall is divided into six regions according to the country and each region represents differently. It has been divided into India, China, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia, Persia. There are more than 275 shops where you can shop for women, men and children’s clothes, shoes, handbags, watches. Apart from this, you can buy toys, leather goods, handicrafts and many other things.


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