Top 5 places to visit in vrindavan

Places to visit in vrindavan : Vrindavan is one of the ancient cities of Uttar Pradesh, which has been mentioned in holy Hindu texts. Along with Mathura, Vrindavan has been depicted as one of the twin holy urban areas. There is an old Timberland named Vrindavan, out of which two little forests still exist. Being a place where Lord Krishna is believed to spend his childhood, he is a prominent place for Hindus. Here is the list of places Must Visit in Vrindavan.

2. Govind Dev Temple

Govind Dev Temple is known for its unavoidable reasons as the Govind Dev Temple of Mathura, instead of Vrindavan. It is considered one of the most prominent temples in Vrindavan and here is the main god Lord Krishna or Govind Dev. Idol was brought in this temple by Rajput King Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur.

2. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple

The Hare Ram Hare Krishna Temple built through ISKCON Society is one of the major temples in Vrindavan. This temple is one of the most peaceful places in Vrindavan, Anybody can see it and the best tour can be done during Janmashtami.

3. Keshi Ghat


Located on the river Yamuna, Kesi Ghat is considered one of the most important Ghats in Vrindavan. On the rear, the spectacular Madani Mohan Temple and the Yamuna River play an extraordinary role in Vrindavan. Keshi Ghat is the place where Lord Krishna bathed after killing the demon Keshi and it is considered a revered pilgrimage place.

4. Bankey Bihari Temple


The Banke Bihari temple was built in 2862 by the great Indian music Guru Swami Haridas, who was also a Guru of Tansen, a famous musician in the court of Akbar. He wanted an old idol of Lord Krishna in his bliss or ‘Banke Bihari’ posture and used to prevent him from taking it in the hands of the Mughals. One of the major and most famous temples in Vrindavan is not to be missed.

5. Shahji Temple

The Shah temple was built by Lucknow’s famous jeweler Shah Kundan Lal. The Shah temple is famous for its distinctive Neo-Dravidian architecture and stone carvings. Darbar Kamra is a hall decorated with magnificent mandal and wall paintings. Twelve marble carved spiral columns are a wonder.

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